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Tibetan Prayer Flags
Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags

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18cm x 18cm Hand Made Cotton

These prayer flags are hand made by artisans in Nepal. They are Lung Ta prayer flags (Lung meaning wind or breath and Ta being a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad fortune to good fortune, also often represented by a horse). They are hung horizontally and traditionally are recommended to always be hung outside and as high above the ground as possible. They are never allowed to touch the ground. They need to be outside so that they are always moving, it is believed that the mantras and prayers on the flags are gently blown off by the wind so that they can be carried to all sentient beings and be a benefit to all. It is also believed that as the wind touches and moves the prayer flags the air around them is purified and sanctified by the mantras. The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements and are then deemed to have served their purpose and can be removed, burnt and then replaced.
They have the actual image of Lung Ta on them, the powerful wind horse, it holds three flaming jewels on its back. The jewels symbolise Buddha, the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), and the Sangha (Buddhist community). They can also include up to 20 traditional mantras dedicated to deities from the three Buddhist Bodhisattvas Guru Rinpoche, Avalokitesvara and Manjusri. The other image on our prayer flags is Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig, the bodhisattva of compassion) and has the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum". Om- The Sacred Syllable, Mani- Jewel, Padme- Lotus and Hum- spirit of enlightment. The mantra is a combination of values including compassion, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation and wisdom.
Their colour and order is also very important, the 5 colours represent the elements (Blue- symbolising sky/space), (White- symbolising air/wind), (Red- symbolising fire), (Green- symbolising water) and (Yellow- symbolising earth). The five colours are arranged from left to right in a specific colour order: blue, white, red, green and yellow. 
Handmade in Nepal and Ethically sourced



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