XFOLIATE Scalp Serum

XFOLIATE Scalp Serum

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Created to help with dandruff that can be associated with a dry itchy scalp with your dreadlocks. Your scalp can take a little while to adjust to having Dreadlocks. Because we don’t comb or brush a dreaded head, XFOLIATE has been designed to help by encouraging the blood cells to the top of the scalp and giving the scalp a wonderful wake-up. This product will stimulate the scalp, whilst helping to budge flaky skin cells.

All the while reconditioning with a blend of sesame and hemp oils, chosen specifically to best match the sebum contained in the scalps sebaceous glands.

XFOLIATE is a great companion to the BLOKK Shampoos and LOKK Bombs that are also part of this range.

Made with a Blended formula of Natural ingredients of Aloe Vera, Cider vinegar and Luscious oils including Sesame, Hemp, Jojoba, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Neem & Lime with Tea Tree.


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