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Our Aim at Lokk Stokk & Apparel is to produce natural products specifically for the creation and ongoing Love and Care of your Dreadlocks or ‘Lokks’.

We are a small, hands on business based in Western Australia. When we say we're hand crafted in small batches to minimise our impact we mean it! We are not mass produced.

Australian made with Natural, high quality and cruelty free ingredients lovingly hand crafted to show you, your ‘Lokks’ and the world around us the love and care we all deserve. With divine scents that will tantalise your senses.

The brain child of the Weirdsistas, back in 2007. Born out of the need and want to have a product that supported the creation of Amazing Dreadlocks for all types of Hair.

Now lovingly Owned and Operated by me, ‘Tish’ here in Western Australia who has loved and celebrated my Lokks for over 13 years.

Traditionally shampoos are developed to smooth down the follicle of the hair using silicones and chemicals for that ‘silky smooth hair’ finish. This is not the ideal environment though for your Lokks. Encouraging a Natural approach that focuses on understanding the way in which hair responds to different pH environments. Our products are designed to work without the use of harsh chemicals or perm solutions, waxes or backcombing methods. Instead they work to slightly adjust the pH levels of the hair, removing silicon build up and with specially formulated Lokkupsprays to swell the ‘hooks’ in the outer layer of the follicle, beginning the journey and lovingly maintaining your dreadlocks, Naturally. Combined with natural dread creation methods used by Lokkticians far and wide, you are on your way to some truly loved and admired Lokks!

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