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Where are LokkStokk Products made?

The LokkStokk range of natural dreadcare products are handcrafted in small batches right here in Western Australia.

Why is my label on my product not straight?

Yes, I know sometimes you may get a bottle of Lokkup and the label is on a little crooked. I hand pack and label every product and whilst I do it with Love and Care, sometimes I just don't get it straight. Being a small business, as well as trying to reduce my waste I don't want to just scrap the packaging because the label is a little crooked. So whilst it might not be perfect, know it's was always done with love.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do, but cost of international freight from Western Australia can be pricey and as a small business it's hard to absorb it. I will always try and work out a more cost effective way of packaging your order though, so if you are outside of Australia, before you checkout, drop me a message about freight options. I can do my best to see if I can improve on the options that have been offered at checkout by seeing how I can pack your order.

Have more questions?

I'm working on getting more info included here.

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