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LOKK PILL - Dread Rinse/Cleanse

LOKK PILL - Dread Rinse/Cleanse

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LOKK PILL Form of our popular Lokk Bomb

**Now you get 2 small Pills (Equivalent of the 1 larger Pill) and equivalent to approximately 1/4 of the LokkBlokk 

If your Dreads are Short or Long you can use 1,2 or more to give your Dreadlocks that Rinse or deep clean they deserve.

Designed to help shift some of the more ingrained dirt that dreadlocks can sometimes attract. Dreads, due to the nature of the design, can often catch the unwanted grease and grime buildup that will fall into the centre of the dread, making it difficult to remove with a regular shampoo cleanse. A well-established dread is often compacted and even though you may feel they are clean, a bi-monthly soak with our Dread LOKK PILL will help dissolve built up dirt that a dread shampoo cannot lift alone. The bombs are designed to work with or without your dread shampoo and can be used as an alternative to shampoo for those that prefer a soak to a scrub.

Contains: Citric Acid, Sodium Bi-carb, Himalayan salt crystals & Cedarwood, Hemp, Lime, Sesame & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils.

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